2018 Launch Schedule

AP New Year, everyone!…er, I mean “Happy”.  Happy New Year!

The 2018 launch schedule for Oregon Rocketry is coming together and will be posted to our Calendar page as soon as it is finalized.  There are three big things to note this year:

  • There will be a new high power launch in April! Hooray!  Dates and a clever name are still TBD.
  • The NXRS launch in June will be a 4-day event again this year! (Fri-Mon)
  • The August launch may be taken off the schedule this year giving folks to chance to go fly on the sod farm in SE Washington with TCR!  They are hosting a 4-day event this year Aug. 31 to Sep. 3.  Details can be found here.

In other news, our annual meeting was held Jan. 4th which included the Board of Directors elections.  All current board members have been reelected to their positions for another year.  Thanks to all of you for everything you do!  Additionally, Keith Packard has handed the TRA prefect reins over to Erik Mckee!  Congrats Erik, and thanks Keith for your service!

The club is planning some exciting things this season, including record tracking, more contests, and theme launches! So get your rockets built, get your GSE prepped, and see you at the launch sites!

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