To be included in the membership directory, please email our webmaster.

Please be advised that the password for the membership directory is ONLY given to members who have sent in a submission. If you wish to view the directory, email us your info, and we will respond with the password.

Please respect your fellow members’ privacy and limit who you share this password with. Specifically, please don’t give it out to members currently not in the directory.

The suggested format for directory submissions is as follows:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • NAR/TRA affiliation/level
  • HAM call sign
  • Short bio or other information you would like to include (optional, please limit to 2-3 lines)
  • Picture (that shows your face). Suggested size is passport (2″ x 2″), can include rockets for ID. Please limit size to ~200k (suggest 150 dpi).

Electronic submissions are preferred, however you can submit via a paper form at any OROC launch.