NXRS 2018 – June 29 – July 2 – Brothers, OR

Oregon Rocketry’s biggest high power launch is back!  OROC is doing themed launches all year, and in true experimental fashion, NXRS is staging and clusters, so dust off your complex rockets and get to the desert.  This is year is going to be fun!

Waiver is 20,460 feet AGL with windows to 42,280 feet AGL. NXRS is all research days, so you must be an OROC member, TRA member, or an invited guest to attend.  Launch times are 8am to 6pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and from 8am to 1pm on Monday.

Please find the registration tent when you arrive to get a wristband and sign a waiver (if we do not have one on file for you).  There will be a fliers meeting on Friday and/or Saturday.  The time for that will be announced at the launch.

If you anticipate needing the high waiver (expected altitude above ~20k’), please contact the bod prior to the launch at bod@oregonrocketry.org.


Vendors this year include:

Sunriver Observatory Rocket Shop

Bay Area Rocketry


NXRS Contests 2018:

Highest Altitude with Multi Stage and/or Clustered Rocket —- prize TBD —–Sunriver Observatory

                Rocket has to have more than one motor/engine.  May be clustered, may be staged.

                Points per flight – altitude multiplied by number of motors in that flight,

example –rocket does 7,000 ft on a cluster of 4 motors, total points for that flight; 4*7,000 = 28,000 points

staged rocket does 22,000 ft on two motors, total points for that flight; 2*22,000 = 44,000 points



Lowest Altitude on an M motor —- prize TBD —- sponsored by Bay Area Rocketry

                How low can you go?  This one is obvious, fly an outhouse or other non-aerodynamic object (table, car, Doberman pinscher) and get the LOWEST altitude that you can get



WaiverBait —- 1st place gets choice of BRB900 setup or 100mw BRB TX, 2nd place get what 1st place didn’t run away with! J — sponsored by BigRedBee Trackers

Fly the closest to the standard waiver without going over: 20,460 ft AGL (above ground level)(not the higher one, because we DON’T want people busting that one!).

Greg Clark has offered 15% off any tracker purchased between now and NXRS!!!  Contact him direct and quote the WaiverBait Competition.



ShredStes —- $75 Certificate for each category

An event for almost everyone.

Rules –   Highest altitude with an Estes PSII kit. 

  1. Stock:  Estes kit, as purchased, 29mm MMT, altimeter bays and other additions for recording altitude should be made of lightweight materials and NO metal parts – this forces you to have to be creative.
  2. Open:  Estes PSII kit.  Has to look exactly like the picture on the insert card (except motor mount).  Unlimited motor mounts, you can go wild inside.  RSO’s have the final say for ‘flight worthiness’.



Multiple entries allowable in all categories. Points DO NOT STACK!

All altitudes have to be verified with an altimeter reading.