**NXRS 2016 is in the books.  Details for NXRS 2017 will be published early next year.**

NXRS 2016 - June 24-26 - Brothers, OR

NXRS 2016 is nearly here! This year’s launch should be bigger and better than ever. We have made a few improvements to the Brothers launch site entrance road - chiseled some rocks with a jackhammer, and brought in 28 yards of gravel to fill in low spots. We have also cleared additional sage for launch pads, and our wireless launch control system is fully operational thanks to the help of Keith Packard at Altus Metrum. NXRS is an all-research launch run under Tripoli research launch rules. Our standard FAA waiver of 20,500’ AGL will be in place, with call-in windows to 42,500’. Maximum impulse will be limited to O motors (or complex N projects). If you plan to exceed the standard 20,500’ waiver, please contact the Oregon Rocketry BOD (bod@oregonrocketry.org) prior to the launch.

NXRS 2016 Contests

Tinder Rocketry – The Tinder Trailer Trasher @NXRS 2016
This includes both the 54mm and the 75mm events and will be the same rules as last year, any rocket, any single motor, highest altitude wins choice of either The Peregrine or The RAPTOR CO2 ejection system.  These prizes can be seen here: The Peregrine:  http://www.tinderrocketry.com/#!peregrine-co2-ejection/c23p3 The RAPTOR:   http://www.tinderrocketry.com/#!raptor-co2-ejection/c4ff  
Bay Area Rocketry
One rocket, one motor, reach 5280' without going over. AGL or equivalent MSL. Must reach a minimum of 4500' to be a contender. The Prize is a Polecat Fatman kit.  
Sunriver Observatory