**Details for NXRS 2018 will be posted here following the annual meeting in January**

NXRS 2017 – June 23-26 – Brothers, OR

NXRS 2017 is nearly here! Now a 4 day event on June 23-26 in Brothers, OR!!

NXRS is an all-research launch run under Tripoli research launch rules. Our standard FAA waiver of 20,500 ft. AGL will be in place, with call-in windows to 42,500 ft.

Maximum impulse will be limited to O motors (or complex N projects).

(Note: no sparkies will be allowed on the Hilltop away cells)

If you plan to exceed the standard 20,500 ft. waiver, please contact the Oregon Rocketry BOD (bod@oregonrocketry.org) prior to the launch so that we can coordinate high altitude waivers.

More portapots than last year!

Vendors this year include:

-Sunriver Observatory

Kits, Kites, motors, materials, and much more!

-Bay Area Rocketry

Everything you need!


Aerotech is coming!

NXRS Contests 2017:

-Tinder Rocketry – The Tinder Trailer Trasher @NXRS 2017 (confirmed)

54mm and the 75mm events.

Any rocket, any single motor, highest altitude wins choice of either The Peregrine or The RAPTOR CO2 ejection system.

Prizes can be seen here:

The Peregrine:  http://www.tinderrocketry.com/#!peregrine-co2-ejection/c23p3

The RAPTOR:   http://www.tinderrocketry.com/#!raptor-co2-ejection/c4ff

-Bay Area Rocketry

One rocket, one motor, reach 5280′ without going over.  AGL or equivlent MSL.

Must reach a minimum of 4500′ to be a contender.

The Prize is a Polecat Fatman kit

-Sunriver Observatory

Highest Altitude Competitions – $50 gift certificate per class.

-Highest 4″ airframe on a K

-Highest on an I impulse rocket (any airframe)

-Highest Research motor (any airframe)