Note: Tripoli research launch rules changed as of  6/28/13, allowing NAR members to fly commercial motors at research launches. Rules below have been updated for this change.

Research Launch Rules

  • You must be TRA member or an INVITED GUEST to ATTEND an OROC Research launch. 
  • OROC Members in good standing are invited guests of the club.
  • Researchers may invite their own guests.
  • Guests may not invite more guests.
  • You must be TRA member AND 18+ years old to handle motors or rockets or pass the flight line.
  • You must be a Tripoli member certified L2 or above to fly research motors.
  • All Tripoli and NAR certified members may fly commercial motors up to the level of their certification.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to access and conduct flights from the Reseach/High Power Launch Area.
  • Students at an accredited institution and Tripoli Junior Members that have completed the Tripoli Mentoring Program may participate in launches from the high power pads under the supervision of a Tripoli Senior Member.
  • Children younger than 18 that have not completed the Tripoli Mentoring Program are not allowed in the high power launch area except for recovery of rockets, but may fly from the Model/Low Power Launch Area.
  • OROC Members are responsible for the behavior and safety of minors under their care.
  • The RSO reserves the right to restrict access to the motor prep or launch areas as necessary.
  • Research motors must have the builder in attendance and listed on the flight card. Certified commercial motors are also permitted.

For the regular Research on Friday format:

  • Anyone who is not an OROC MEMBER, INVITED GUEST, or TRA MEMBER, SHOULD NOT ARRIVE at the launch site before sundown Friday night.
  • Research Flying can commence as soon as the waiver opens Friday morning.
  • Commercial motors can be flown by OROC members, invited guests, and TRA members to the level of their current certification.
  • Arrival of the trailers is indeterminate, but probably late Friday afternoon.
  • Commercial flying can commence Saturday morning as soon as the waiver opens and setup is complete.