2015 OROC Launches

OROC Members,

We have just received FAA approval for our high waiver (42,460′ AGL) at Brothers this year, just in time for our first launch of the year on May 15-17. For launches from the hill, there will be some new rules in place:

  • All launches with a maximum expected altitude below 20,460 feet AGL must be conducted at an elevation angle of 90 degrees.
  • All launches with a maximum expected altitude above 20,460 feet AGL must be launched at a heading of 200 and an elevation angle of 87 degrees.
  • The launch site changes from a 2nm radius to a 4nm radius in all directions except where it crosses Hwy 20, in that direction we are limited to the distance up to the highway.

Thanks to our launch director Alan Hammond for seeing the long process through with the FAA. The result was worth it!

We also have a new model rocket launch location in place for this summer, courtesy of the Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District. We will be launching the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at Garden Home Park:

8020 SW 83rd Ave
Portland, OR 97223

The first 3 launches will be held on May 2, June 6, and July 4. This field has a minimum dimension of 400′, so we will be limited to C motors and below. Please join us for family launches at our new site – click here for the full schedule.

Gary Goncher
OROC President

OregonRocketry 2015 Launch Schedule

Our 2015 launch schedule for Brothers and Sheridan has now been finalized!


  • Spring Thunder, May 15 – 17, Public Launch Saturday & Sunday
  • Northwest Xtreme Rocket Show, June 26 – 28, Research All Days
  • Summer Skies, July 24 – 26, Public Launch Saturday & Sunday
  • Desert Heat, August 21 – 23, Public Launch Saturday & Sunday
  • Rocketober, October 16 – 18, Schedule to be determined


  • Filible’s Folly, September 18 – 20, Public Launch Saturday & Sunday

Click here for the full version.