July 2017

July is nearly here, and we have multiple events on the schedule!

First up is our low power launch at Garden Home Park in Southwest Portland on Saturday, July 1st. We should get started around 10am and fly until 1pm. These launches are limited to A and B motors (C motors for heavier models with launch director approval). Details are at the bottom of this page.

Next, we will have our monthly club meeting on Thursday July 6th at 7:30pm in downtown Beaverton at Giovanni’s Restaurant. Meeting details can be found on this page. Topics this month will include a recap and review of our NXRS launch as well as planning and discussion for our next high power launch.

Which brings us to our next high power launch, Summer Skies, which will be held at our Brothers launch site Friday to Sunday, July 28th to the 30th. Details can be found here.

NXRS Information

The Oregon Rocketry NXRS research launch will be held on Friday-Monday, June 23-26. Monday was added to the schedule this year because Friday will be a shortened day due to military aircraft traffic from our two fighter wings in Portland and Klamath Falls. The launch will be conducted under Tripoli Research rules all 4 days. Launch hours will be 11 AM-6 PM Friday, 8 AM-6 PM Saturday and Sunday, and 8 AM-1 PM on Monday. Night flights are possible Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if there is interest. Our standard FAA high power waiver of 20,500’ will be in effect throughout the launch, will call-in windows to 42,500’ as needed.
The launch will be conducted the same as in years past: everyone must check in upon arrival at the registration tent to sign a waiver for property owners and get a wristband. Launch fees for both fliers and spectators will be $20 for the weekend. Members of Oregon Rocketry do not need to pay launch fees as they are covered by the membership. There will be a fliers meeting on Saturday morning at approximately 9 AM for all fliers that will cover safety rules. This year’s event will have more port-a-potties (yay!) and extended loudspeaker coverage on the flight line. We will also be broadcasting LCO announcements on FM radio (bring a portable radio if you have one) and on FRS radio. Fliers should check all rockets in with the Flight Safety Officer prior to flight, to have rockets checked and get flight cards signed. The LCO will not launch rockets without a signed flight card. For this year’s launch sparky motors should be allowed at both the high power and away pads, but this may change depending on dryness and winds.
We will have two rocketry vendors at the site this year: 1) our regular launch vendor from Sunriver Nature Center, Bob Grossfeld, and 2) Mike Gentile from Bay Area Rocketry. Both vendors will have motors, supplies, and rocket kits for sale during the launch. The Brothers Stage Stop restaurant several miles from the launch site now has new owners, and they will be providing lunch for those who are interested on Saturday and Sunday. They will be providing a complete lunch with a variety of sandwiches for $15. There will be a sign-up sheet for food at the registration tent.
Those who have attended launches at Brothers know that summer weather is likely to be hot during the day and very cool at night. Bring shade and plenty of water for hot days, as there is no water at the site. Sunscreen is also strongly advised, as the launch site is at an altitude of about 4300’. Unimproved camping is available at the site for both tents and RVs. Please be considerate and pull RVs in perpendicular to the flight line so that we can accommodate as many as possible near the center of activity; note that some spaces will be reserved for vendors at the launch near the LCO table. Fires are permitted only in established fire pits, and there will be free firewood available. Please see our website for additional site and safety rules.
We will need volunteers for LCO and FSO duty during the launch. Those volunteering for FSO duty need to be certified L2 Tripoli members. The duty roster will be assigned in 2-hour blocks as usual, and the duty roster will be posted at the LCO table. There will be  a web-based sign-up for duty that will posted in the next several days. 
Last but not least, we will be having contests at NXRS with fabulous prizes! There will be six contests at this year’s launch, as announced several weeks ago:
•Tinder Rocketry – The Tinder Trailer Trasher @NXRS 2017
54mm and the 75mm events, same rules as last year. Any rocket, any single motor, highest altitude wins choice of either The Peregrine or The RAPTOR CO2 ejection system.  
Prizes can be seen here: 
•Bay Area Rocketry
One rocket, one motor, reach 5280’ AGL without going over.
Must reach a minimum of 4500′ to be a contender.
The prize is a Polecat Fatman kit
•Sunriver Observatory
Highest Altitude Competitions:
Highest 4″ airframe on a K
Highest on an I impulse rocket
Highest Research motor (any airframe)
Prizes are $50 gift certificates for each contest
See you at the launch!