Welcome to 2019!

Hello out there and Happy New Year!

Oregon Rocketry’s annual meeting took place Thursday, January 3rd.  Meeting minutes can be found here.  In addition, meeting minutes for the December meeting can be found here.

A few highlights:

The 2019 Board of Directors is:

President: Gary Goncher

Treasurer: Robert Braibish

Secretary: Brian Clark

Launch Officer: Alan Hammond

Safety Officer: Dave Armstrong

Publicity Director: Tim Ryerse

NAR Section President: George Rachor

TRA Prefect: Erik McKee


The 2019 HPR Schedule is:

“AP Showers”: April 26-28

“Spring Thunder”: May 17-19

“NXRS”: June 21-24

“Summer Skies”: July 26-28

“Fillible’s Folly”: Sept 20-22

“Rocketober”: Oct 11-13


Pages across the site (including the Google calendar) will be updated over the next few days.

Thanks everyone who attended the annual meeting.  Please join us for our next meeting on Thursday, Feb. 7th.

December 2018

See you all at the annual meeting, January 3rd, 2019 at Giovanni’s in Beaverton!  The 2018 rocket season is complete and holiday season is upon us.  OROC would like to wish everyone happy and safe holidays!