Who We Are

About OregonRocketry


Say the word and it conjures up images of Moon landings and Space Stations. Exploration. Adventure. The thrill of putting something together and watching it fly out of sight on a tail of smoke and flame. Rockets are part of our language and culture. And while we can’t all catch a ride on the Space Shuttle, some of us do the next best thing…


OregonRocketry is an organization of people dedicated to the promotion of model, sport and amateur rocketry. Formed as an Oregon non-profit corporation in January, 2002, OregonRocketry, or OROC , was originally an informal union of members of Tripoli Portland 49 and OREO, NAR Section 555. Members of OregonRocketry come from a variety of backgrounds and share one common interest – launching rockets!


Under the umbrella of our two national sanctioning organizations, Tripoli Rocketry Association and the National Association of Rocketry, OregonRocketry members launch rockets ranging from the smallest scale models to custom designed high power rockets taller than a person and capable of reaching altitudes of tens of thousands of feet.


Some rocketry enthusiasts emphasize scale modeling and fine detail in their projects while others care more for brute force and sheer power. Some rockets are very simple in their design and use basic single parachute recovery systems. Other rockets are extremely complex using clustered or staged motors, advanced electronics, multiple parachute events and even radio control and on-board video transmission. Whatever your particular interest, there is an aspect of rocketry for everyone.


Following strict safety codes has made rocketry one of the safest of recreational activities. In more than fifty years of national model and amateur rocketry, and over fifteen years of organized rocketry in Oregon, there has not been one fatality or serious injury. Rocketry is an activity enjoyed by families and enthusiasts of all ages.

So please, take a look at this web site, learn more about rocketry and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We hope to see you at our next launch.