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Oregon Rocketry 2021 Update

Happy New Year! The annual meeting of Oregon Rocketry will be held on Thursday, Jan. 14th, at 7:30 PM. The meeting will again be held via Zoom; if you are new to Oregon Rocketry, please email the board at for details on how tho join the meeting. This year’s annual meeting will be quite different than in previous years. The election is being held online this year, and there will be no free pizza 🙁 – this does not prevent you from ordering a pizza from Giovanni’s in time for the meeting, however (and they do deliver via DoorDash and Postmates). 

This year’s meeting will be quick look back at the past year for Oregon Rocketry, and a look forward to this coming year’s launch season. We will be discussing the 2021 launch schedule; a tentative schedule is listed below. Please take a look at the dates and let us know if there are any conflicts with other events. I am hoping that we can have a full launch schedule this year as more people are vaccinated and state restrictions are reduced. Membership forms for this year can be downloaded from the OROC website and mailed to the P.O. Box. We are also hoping to have  an online payment option available soon.

OROC 2021 Proposed Launch Schedule:

AP Showers, April 23-25
Spring Thunder, May 21-23
NXRS, June 25-27
Summer Skies, July 23-25
(Sod Blaster, Sept. 4-6)
Fillible’s Folly, Sept. 17-19
Rocketober, Oct. 15-17

Please join us at the meeting to decide a final schedule for this year.