OregonRocketry Membership

Membership entitles you to a host of benefits for the calendar year, including:

  • No launch fees ($20 per launch for non-members)
  • Members only launches
  • Members only email list
  • Members area of the website
  • Voting privileges
  • 10% discount on Big Red Bee Beeline products
  • Discounts from Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory
    5% on high power, 10% on low power
  • Use of OregonRocketry launch support gear
  • Use of OregonRocketry waivers and launch sites
  • Special opportunities and events

Membership Fees

Current membership fees:

  • Individual membership $40
  • Family membership $50

For first-year members the fees will be reduced to $20 individual/$30 family. Also, for junior members (under 18, not part of a family membership) the membership fee will be $20.

Families will still retain one vote. Membership cards are no longer issued, but you will receive a confirmation email after submitting your membership application and check.

Launch Fees

For non-members the launch fees will be $20 per launch for high power launches in Brothers (covers all 3 days of the launch – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). For the NXRS launch in June only, spectators will also be charged the same $20 per launch fee – spectators are discouraged from attending this launch as it is research all 3 days and the danger level is higher than regular launches.

For the Sheridan launch in September the same $20 per launch fee will apply to those flying high power motors. If you only intend to fly low and mid-power motors, however (A through G), the launch fee will be reduced to $10.

There are no launch fees for any of our low power launches. Please come and bring your friends.

You are welcome to come and watch any of our launches (with the exception of the NXRS launch as mentioned above) for free.

How to Join

Download a membership application, then print and mail with payment. Or, apply in person at a meeting or a launch. All members must fill out and return the OregonRocketry Release Form with membership applications.

PayPal is not accepted.