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Fillible’s Folly Sheridan Launch Sept. 17-18

The Fillible’s Folly launch will be held this coming weekend, Sept. 17th & 18th, in Sheridan, OR, south of McMinnville. Launch hours will be 8 AM – 6 PM on Saturday, and 8 AM – 2 PM on Sunday. Night flights are possible on Saturday until 10 PM if there is interest. This year’s launch site will be on the south side of Perrydale Road, near the grain silos on the north side of the road. Please follow signs for the entrance to the field when you get there. Unimproved camping will be available at the launch site, and under the trees near the silos for tent campers (note the there will likely be many scouts camping near the silos again this year). The altitude limit for this launch will be 5,000’. Any motor class can be flown at this launch, so long as the altitude stays under the 5,000’ limit. The launch will be run under NAR rules, so only commercial motors may be flown.

Please check in at the registration canopy on the flight line and get a wrist band with your certification level when you arrive. This will help the Launch Contol Officer (LCO) verify status and keep things moving quickly at the pads. If you are not a club member, you will need to pay a launch fee of $20 (high power) or $10 low/mid-power). Launch procedures require that that each flight be inspected by the Flight Safety Officer (FSO) prior to launch, who will sign off on the flight card for the launch. Fliers must then wait for an open pad before racking their rocket and handing the flight card to the LCO.

We will need volunteers at both LCO and FSO (rocket check-in) at the launch. There will be sign-up sheets at the LCO table for these positions. Since this will likely be a busy launch, we will plan on having two FSOs on duty during the day on Saturday. Please remember that volunteers need to be certified L2 since this is a high power launch. LCO volunteers should be familiar with our wireless launch control system; you can be an apprentice LCO during the launch to learn if you are interested.

We will have Sunriver Nature Center present at the launch for sales of motors, kits, and other rocketry-related items on both Saturday and Sunday. Port-a-potties will be at the site for the launch, but there will be no water available. Please plan on bringing water with you to the launch. The current forecast for next weekend is partly sunny with temperatures in the low 70s. It should be a great weekend for launching rockets!