Adventures in model, sport and amateur rocketry begins here with OregonRocketry.

OregonRocketry is a non-profit corporation organized to promote the advancement of model, sport and amateur rocketry; to provide educational services relating to rocketry and aerospace sciences; and to provide a forum for the exchange of information among members, rocketry enthusiasts, and the general public.

OregonRocketry is associated with Tripoli Rocketry Association through Tripoli Portland 049 and with the National Association of Rocketry through Oregon Rocketry Enthusiasts Organization (OREO), NAR Section 555.

You, your family and friends are welcome at any OregonRocketry public launch event. Join us for a great time of flying rockets and rocket talk. Bring your kids and or grand kids to these events and introduce them to the excitement of model, sport and amateur rocketry. Scout groups, school groups, and other groups are welcome to join us as well.

Teacher? Scout leader? Need educational assistance with rocketry and aerospace sciences? Let us know.

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